About this course

Eyebrow Waxing is a great stand-alone treatment as an alternative to other hair removal methods such as threading and tweezing and can also be used in conjunction with our beauty/permanent makeup treatments such as Henna Brows, Tattoo Brows and Microblading.

Our half day course teaches you to perform this treatment to not only remove excess hair but create soft or defined shapes, depending entirely on your clients wishes. You will be taught how to adapt your technique to do exactly that!

Your course will include the essentials required to carry out treatments immediately upon completion of the training. You will also receive a take-home manual which will serve as a step-by-step guide to carry out this treatment and also as a guide for who is and isn’t suitable for this treatment. You will also receive ongoing support from your trainer if required.

eyebrow waxing in progress
eyebrow waxing training courses in st helens

Whether you are looking to offer Eyebrow Waxing as its own treatment in your salon or as part of any of your other services, our course is full with all the information you need!

You will be shown everything from pre-treating the brows to removing excess brow hair and creating beautiful arches for your customers.

All the basics will be thoroughly explained as well as some special hints and tips to perfect your treatment. With over 10 years of waxing experience, we can guide you, pass on our skills and show you the best ways to stand out from the crowd who may or may not also be offering this treatment.